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Combat Cholesterol with Garlichol

Combat Cholesterol with Garlichol

Baraka’s Garlichol is a natural remedy that helps control cholesterol levels in the body. Enriched with oil extracted from the fresh cloves of garlic combined with black seed oil, Garlichol not only assists with controlling cholesterol, but also treats many common ailments such as the flu, common cold and those related to the heart and blood system.

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is found in the cells of the body. Cholesterol is important as it is used to make hormones, vitamin D and other substances that that helps digest food. The body produces the ideal amount of cholesterol required, however this amount can be increased by some food that we eat.

Cholesterol travels through the bloodstream via a small package known as lipoproteins that are made of fat on the inside and protein on the outside. There are two kinds of lipoproteins in the body: low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL), both of which are important in healthy levels. LDL cholesterol is also known as bad cholesterol as high levels of LDL can buildup cholesterol in your arteries. HDL or good cholesterol is a better form of cholesterol as it is carried through the body to the liver and then is removed from the body.

Causes and Side Effects of Having High Cholesterol

It is difficult to know when someone has high cholesterol until it is almost too late. The only way to find out if someone has cholesterol is via a blood test. Certain causes of cholesterol can be controlled such as inactivity, obesity and an unhealthy diet. However, there are factor that are also beyond control such as genetic make up. Furthermore, smokes and diabetics are also prone to high cholesterol levels.

High levels of cholesterol can lead to many complications. If unidentified, these complications can be fatal. The most common complications associated with high cholesterol are: chest pains, heart attacks and strokes.

Benefits of Garlic

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, who was also known as the father of Western Medicine, was the first introduced the benefits of garlic. Now, garlic has been proven to solve many health issues.

Garlic contains a compound known as allicin, which has potent medicinal properties. Allicin is what gives garlic its potent smell. The benefits of allicin range from immune enhancement to cancer prevention. The key benefit of allicin that has been proven by many clinical studies is its ability to lower total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides, and increase HDL cholesterol. This in turn will reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Allicin also supports and improves overall health of the circulatory system.

Garlic also has proven to boost the functions of the immune system. Therefore, consuming garlic can reduce the risk of catching the flu or a common cold.

Benefits of Black Seeds

The history of the black seed, also know as black cumin, can be traced back to over 3000 years and has been used during that era as an herbal remedy and a food condiment. The earliest reference of the Black seed can be found in the Old Testament where it has been used as a spice for bread and cakes. The seed comes from a plant know as the nigella sativa and is most commonly found in Asia.

Studies related to black seed oil and its effects on cholesterol and triglyceride levels proved to increase HDL levels, reduce total cholesterol levels, lower LDL levels and triglyceride levels were also reduced. Further studies have also proven that black seeds have the ability decrease the level of cholesterol created by the body, prevent cholesterol from being absorbed into the bloodstream in the small intestine and increase the number of LDL receptors in the liver

Why Use Garlichol

Baraka Garlichol is the ideal product for individuals who are on the lookout for a natural solution for high cholesterol levels. Combined with garlic oil and black seed oil, Garlichol does not only help control cholesterol levels and cholesterol related complications, but it also has additional benefits for other ailments.

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