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Shed Those Nasty Pounds With Slimexol

Shed Those Nasty Pounds With Slimexol
Regular exercise combined with a healthy diet is the ideal way to shed those pesky pounds,
but that takes time and dedication. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, the results
take time to show. Slimexol from Baraka is the perfect product for those who are looking to
shed off the extra weight naturally without the harmful effects, unlike other diet pills in the
market. Produced with black seed oil and virgin coconut oil, Slimexol can assist in achieving
the your ideal body weight.

What Is Obesity?

Obesity is a pervasive, chronic disease that occurs when there is an excessive amount of
adipose tissue in the body. People can become obese for reasons such as: leading a
sedentary lifestyle, consuming too many calories, not sleeping enough, endocrine disruptors,
consuming food that interfere with lipid metabolism, medications that make patients put on
weight and the obesity gene. Obesity in a human can be identified using several methods
such as measuring the body’s body mass index (BMI). If a person’s BMI is between 25 and
29.9 or if their body weight is 20 per cent higher than it should be, they are considered

The fat cell is an endocrine cell and the adipose tissue is referred to as an endocrine organ .
The adipose tissue secretes a number of products such as: metabolites, cytokines, lipids,
coagulation and various other products. Due to this, obesity will increase the amount of fatty
acids circulating around the body. This can lead to insulin resistance that can then lead to
Type 2 diabetes. Other risk factors of obesity include: coronary heart disease, breast cancer,
bowel cancer, stroke and psychological problems, such as depression and low self-esteem

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is described as the healthiest oil on earth. The difference between normal
coconut oil and basic coconut oil lies in the source, method of extraction, and its benefits.
The key difference between normal coconut oil and virgin coconut oil lies in its method of

Ordinary coconut oil is extracted using heat to extract oil from the dried coconut kernels. In
the case of virgin coconut oil, the raw materials and the process of extraction does not allow
involvement of heat. Therefore the production is much more complicated and attention is
paid to ensure that the kernels are not subjected to heat or sunlight .

Virgin coconut oil is a suitable product for active individuals and those looking to lose weight.
The Medium Chained Triglycerides (MTCs) in the contained in coconut oil differ from long
chain fatty acids found in other oils. The difference lies in the fact that they are relatively
soluble in water and can be rapidly absorbed by the body. The MCTs will be transported via
blood to the hepatic portal system and bypass the fat storage cells. Therefore, instead of
being deposited into those cells, they are metabolized by a process called beta-oxidation (fat
burning) and will be utilized for energy.

Benefits of Black Seeds
The history of the black seed, also know as black cumin, can be traced back to over 3,000
years and has been used during that era as an herbal remedy and a food condiment. The
earliest reference to the black seed can be found in the Old Testament where it has been
used as a spice for bread and cakes. The seed comes from a plant know as the nigella
sativa and is most commonly found in Asia.

Black cumin seeds contain a plant fat known as phytosterol that resemble cholesterol from
animal fats. When consumed, the phytosterols will limit the amount of cholesterol absorbed
by the body. Black cumin can also help balance blood sugar levels by increasing the
sensitivity of the cell to both insulin and glucose. Thus, black cumin can assist weight loss by
improving glucose levels and glucose absorption . Black cumin also contains conjugated
linoleic acid (CLA) , which assists in boosting metabolism. A deficiency of CLA can also lead
to the body storing more fat.

Why Use Baraka Slimexol?
Slimexol by Baraka is the perfect product for those looking to lose weight naturally.
Combining virgin coconut oil and black seed oil, Slimexol will assist with weight loss faster
than other products in the market, without harmful side effects. Black cumin is an extremely
effective weight loss supplement as it combines phytosterols with CLA in one natural food
source. Therefore, combining virgin coconut oil with black seed oil creates a fat combating,
all-natural product.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Relieve Gastric Pain with Gastricare

Relieve Gastric Pain with Gastricare
Gastricare by Baraka is an all-natural supplement to cure or relieve gastric pains. Created
with black seed, valmi and ash plantain, Gastricare is the best product for those who are
suffering from gastritis and are looking for a natural solution.

What Is Gastritis?
Gastritis occurs when the protective lining of the stomach gets inflamed. There are three
types of gastritis: acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, and erosive gastritis. Acute gastritis occurs
when the stomach incurs a sudden, severe inflammation and chronic gastritis occurs when
the inflammation remains for a long period of time when acute gastric is left untreated.
Erosive gastritis does not have much inflammation, but it can cause bleeding and ulcers in
the lining of the stomach.

Gastritis is caused when weakness in the stomach lining allows digestive juices to damage
and inflame it. Gastritis can also be caused by a gastrointestinal bacterial infection . The most
common bacterial infection is caused by a bacterium known as Helicobacter pylori . The
bacterium can be passed from person to person or be transmitted through contaminated
food or water.

The most common symptoms of gastritis are nausea, vomiting, feeling too full after eating,
and indigestion. Erosive gastritis has additional symptoms such as: black, tarry stool or
vomiting blood.

How Black Seed Can Help With Gastritis
The history of the black seed, also known as black cumin, can be traced back to over 3,000
years ago and has been used during that era as a herbal remedy and a food condiment. The
earliest reference of the Black seed can be found in the Old Testament where it has been
used as a spice for bread and cakes. The seed comes from a plant known as Nigella sativa
and is most commonly found in Asia.

The Helicobacter pylori bacteria throughout time have become resistant to most antibiotics.
Other diseases such as peptic ulcer disease and gastric cancer are also caused by
Helicobacter pylori. Black seed is known to possess anti-helicobacter properties . Studies
conducted on the effect of black seed on Helicobacter pylori found that the herb possessed
clinically useful anti-H. pylori properties, compared to the use of all the other drugs that were

How Valmi Can Help With Gastritis
Valmi or Licorice root is a commonly used herb in native South European and Asian
Ayurvedic culture. Valmi has been used historically to treat a variety of ailments some of
which are: sore throats, stomach ulcers, bronchitis, colic, and certain viral infections. Valmi
root contains a lot of flavonoids and essential nutrients and minerals such as vitamin B1,
vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin E, calcium, choline, phosphorus, iron, potassium,
selenium, magnesium, zinc, silicon. Valmi root also contains essential phytonutrients such
as beta-carotene, glabridin, isoliquiritigenin, glycyrrhizin, thymol, phenol, quercetin,
glycyrrhizic and ferulic acid.

Valmi has been recognised as an effective remedy for inflammation of mucous membrane
and for its ability to relieve gastritis and ulcers. Valmi root possesses demulcent, anti-ulcer,
anti-toxic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergenic properties . The glycyrrhizic acid contained in
the valmi root and its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents accelerate the healing of
gastric ulcers.

How Ash Plantain Can Help With Gastritis

Ash plantains are a type of plantain that is local to Sri Lanka and are similar to the cooking
plantain that can be found in the US. Though identical to the banana, plantains are always
cooked before they are eaten. The fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals and are a contributor
to good health. Ash plantains have many nutritional benefits such as: high fiber content,
vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, folate and vitamin K.
Studies on the effect of ash plantains on gastritis showed signs that the fruit may help fight
off stomach pain and inflammation related to ulcers. Furthermore, the plantains caused the
stomach lining to grow and thicken preventing new ulcers from forming.

Why Take Gastricare For Gastritis
Gastritis is a common condition, however, if left untreated it may lead to serious
consequences, such as stomach ulcers, stomach bleeding and increased risk of stomach
cancer. Gastricare from Baraka is created with black seed, valmi and ash plantain to cure or
relieve gastric pains naturally.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Never Forget With Baraka Memo+

Never Forget With Baraka Memo+
Concentration- and memory-related issues are a lesser-known, yet common occurrence
amongst people, especially in children. Baraka Memo+ is crafted with lunuwila and black
seed oil to target areas of memory span and concentration, and to control stress-induced
anxiety. Memo+ is a natural solution to all memory-related issues.

What Entails Memory-Related Issues?

Forgetting things from time to time is normal and can occur amongst healthy individuals. It is
normal to become more forgetful as you age. However, the issue that comes into play is
when the forgetfulness becomes too much and when differentiating between the severity
between symptoms.

Not all memory-related issues are risky and some are quite common, occurring often in our
day-to-day lives. Such memory-related issues include transience, absent mindedness,
blocking, misattribution, suggestibility, bias, and persistence. Unlike the first six memory
related issues that are common in all individuals at any given age, persistence has negative
effects on daily functions, moods, and personality. Persistence occurs when memories of
traumatic events, negative feelings, and ongoing fears accurately reflect negative events or
negative distortions of reality. People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or
depression are particularly more vulnerable to persistence.

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) refers to a state between the expected cognitive decline of
normal aging and the more-serious decline of dementia. MCI involves problems with
memory, language, thinking and judgment higher that it would during aging. There are two
conditions of MCI: Amnestic MCI and Nonamnestic MCI. Amnestic MCI refers to forgetting
information that should be recalled easily. Nonamnestic MCI refers to forgetting the time or
steps needed to complete a task, loss in visual perception, and loss of ability to make sound

In the long-term, MCI can lead to a more dangerous condition known as Alzheimer's or
another kind of dementia. Alzheimer's refers to a brain disease that causes a slow decline of
memory, thinking and reasoning skills. Those affected by Alzheimer's have a protein build up
in the brain that forms structures known as 'plaques' and 'tangles' . The build up results in a
loss of connections between nerve cells that then lead to the death of nerve cells and loss of
brain tissue. People with Alzheimer's have a shortage of important chemicals in their brain
and these chemicals act as messengers that help transmit signals around the brain. A
shortage of such chemicals will disrupt the effectively of messages transmitted around the

How Lunuwila Can Help With Memory-Related Issues
Lunuwila, or Bacopa monnieri , is an ayurvedic plant that can be found in Sri Lanka and
India. Lunuwila is used as a traditional medicine to promote mental health and rejuvenates
the ageing brain. Lunuwila is also known to improve cognition and mental acuity, while
sharpening intellect and enhancing consciousness. Due to these functions, the lunuwila
plant is used to treat and cure diseases and conditions that affect memory and brain

Lunuwila can help memory-related issues by: reducing stress, boosting cognitive agility and
acting as a form of therapy for Alzheimer’s patients. Stress may have an effect on memory
and memory related functions. Lunuwila assists in reducing stress as it reduces the levels of
cortisol, the stress hormone. Lunuwila may also boost cognitive agility by reducing cognitive
issues, short attention span, foggy memory, and blurred focus. To-date, there is no cure for
Alzheimer’s disease, not even lunuwila. However, as lunuwila is used as a therapy to
promote neurological functions, it may assist in prolonging the disease.

How Black Seed Can Help With Memory-related Issues
The history of the black seed, also known as black cumin, can be traced back to over 3000
years and has been used during that era as an herbal remedy and a food condiment. The
earliest reference to the black seed can be found in the Old Testament where it has been
used as a spice for bread and cakes. The seed comes from a plant known as Nigella sativa
and is most commonly found in Asia.

Studies conducted on the effect of black seed oil prove that consumption of the seed or oil
extracted from the seed enhances memory, cognition and attention. Black seed oil also
increases sharpness and improvements in retaining long term and short term memory.
Why Use Memo+ To Improve Concentration And Treat Memory-related Issues
Memory-related issues and trouble concentrating can affect our day-to-day lives. Though
certain problems such as Alzheimer’s cannot be cured, it is possible to control and prolong
such diseases. Memo+ from Baraka combines lunuwila and black seed oil to provide
vitamins and minerals to further helps to naturally improve concentration, learning and

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Spice up your love life with Virega+

Spice up your love life with Virega+
Perform better with your partner with Baraka Virega, a natural solution for seminal debility
and improved sexual performance. Made with a combination of Ashwagandha, Welpenella,
and Black seed, Virega+ will lift up your love life naturally.
What Is Sexual Performance? How Do You Know If You Are Under Performing?
Sexual performance refers to the ability for a man or woman to perform normally during
procreation. Sexual performance is an important factor for men as the inability to perform
adequately can impact a man’s self-esteem and natural instincts to procreate. Additionally,
the inability to perform may result in the inability to satisfy a lover and the man may also not
be able to impregnate a woman.

Poor sexual performance is a controversial topic, and different people have different
conceptions of negative sexual performance. Some indicators of negative sexual
performance in men are: the inability to satisfy a lover, the inability to get or sustain an
erection, premature ejaculation, getting distracted during intercourse and getting fed up of
sexual activities. Additionally, sexual performance can be impacted due to medical
conditions such as diabetes .

Another symptom of poor sexual performance in men is seminal debility, what is a common
universal trend amongst men. The most common form of seminal debility is nocturnal
emissions during sleep. This refers to involuntary ejaculation when a man is a sleep. Though
nocturnal emissions are common, it may also occur during the day. Emissions can occur
during straining at stool, occasional discharge into the bladder, or gradual leakages.

What Is Ashwagandha, How Can It Improve Sexual Performance and Seminal

Ashwagandha is a powerful ayurvedic herb that has been used for healing a variety of
conditions. Used since ancient times, Ashwagandha is famously known for its restorative
benefits . The name Ashwagandha directly translates to “ the smell of a horse” in Sanskrit,
thereby indicating that the herb provides the strength of a stallion. Ashwagandha was
famously used for strengthening the immune system after illness. Ashwagandha additionally
contains has rejuvenating properties; thus, it is also referred to as Indian ginseng , though
ginseng and ashwagandha are scientifically unrelated.

Ashwagandha has positive effects on sexual health for men and has been used for centuries
as a catalyst for sexual performance. One way ashwagandha can improve sexual
performance is by acting as an aphrodisiac . Ashwagandha acts as a natural herbal
treatment for loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. In men, ashwagandha will stimulate the
production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels that carry blood to
the genitals to dilate, increasing sexual desire. In women, ashwagandha produces an
increase in sexual desire and satisfaction during intercourse.

Another way that ashwagandha can improve sexual health is by reducing stress, illness and
hormone imbalances. Stress reduction is one of ashwagandha’s most renowned benefits.
Ashwagandha can assist in reducing the body’s cortisol or stress hormone level by 26%.
Stress reduction may assist in creating an optimal environment for conception and can
prevent seminal leakage produced by stress. Health may also have an affect on sexual
performance as they body is too tried to consummate. Ashwagandha’s ability to boost the
immune system will help limit illness and a healthy body will also support positive sexual
performance . Ashwagandha, assist balance sex hormones which have an impact on human
fertility, especially in the male reproductive system. Apart from sex hormones, ashwagandha
acts as a hormone stabilizer for hormones such as thyroxin by supporting thyroid functions.

What Is Welpenella And How Can It Improve Sexual Performance And Seminal

Welpenella or Cardiospermum halicacabum is a vine that grows abundantly throughout
India. Welpenella has been used for centuries by traditional herbalists to treat a wide range
of ailments. The medical properties of Welpenella lie in the leaves and stems, and it is more
effective when the leaves are dried in the natural shade.
Welpenella is traditionally known to prevent nerve diseases and strengthen the nerves.
Though not useful on its own, combined with Ashwagandha and black seed, Welpenella has
synergistic effect to enhance sexual performance

What is Black Seed And How Can It Improve Sexual Performance and Seminal

The history of the black seed, also known as black cumin, can be traced back to over 3000
years and has been used during that era as an herbal remedy and a food condiment. The
earliest reference of the Black seed can be found in the Old Testament where it has been
used as a spice for bread and cakes. The seed comes from a plant known as Nigella Sativa
and is most commonly found in Asia.
Multiple studies have been conducted on black seed and its effect on male fertility and
impotence. One study was conducted on male smokers with a low sperm count due to the
nicotine in cigarettes. The subjects were asked to consume black seed oil for 100 days and
their semen was tested for sperm count and quality. The study resulted in male sperm count
and quality improving with the subjects who continued to smoke but took black seed oil.
However, smokers who did not take black seed oil had stagnant or lower sperm count.
Erectile dysfunction is a common, yet embarrassing, occurrence in men. Erectile dysfunction
occurs when there is a problem in either the transfer of nerve signals or blood flow to the
muscles of the penis causing a weak or no erection. Erectile dysfunction can occur due to
multiple reasons such as; psychological reasons such as anxiety, stress, depression or low
self-esteem; morbidity reasons such as brain disorder, chronic diseases or taking
medications to treat these diseases; and behavioral reasons such as alcohol, smoking
excessively, lack of exercise and a bad diet. Sex hormones such as estradiol, progesterone,
prolactin, testosterone, FSH and LH are contained in black seeds. Therefore, incorporating
black seed into a diet can reduce or eliminate erectile dysfunction and increase the
effectiveness of fertilization.

Why Use Baraka Virega+?

No longer be unsatisfied or worry about the satisfaction of your lover with Baraka Virega+.
Made with the perfect combination of Ashwagandha, Welpenella and Black seed, Virega+
will elevate your love life naturally.

Shed Those Nasty Pounds With Slimexol

Shed Those Nasty Pounds With Slimexol Regular exercise combined with a healthy diet is the ideal way to shed those pesky pounds, but that ...