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Shed Those Nasty Pounds With Slimexol

Shed Those Nasty Pounds With Slimexol
Regular exercise combined with a healthy diet is the ideal way to shed those pesky pounds,
but that takes time and dedication. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, the results
take time to show. Slimexol from Baraka is the perfect product for those who are looking to
shed off the extra weight naturally without the harmful effects, unlike other diet pills in the
market. Produced with black seed oil and virgin coconut oil, Slimexol can assist in achieving
the your ideal body weight.

What Is Obesity?

Obesity is a pervasive, chronic disease that occurs when there is an excessive amount of
adipose tissue in the body. People can become obese for reasons such as: leading a
sedentary lifestyle, consuming too many calories, not sleeping enough, endocrine disruptors,
consuming food that interfere with lipid metabolism, medications that make patients put on
weight and the obesity gene. Obesity in a human can be identified using several methods
such as measuring the body’s body mass index (BMI). If a person’s BMI is between 25 and
29.9 or if their body weight is 20 per cent higher than it should be, they are considered

The fat cell is an endocrine cell and the adipose tissue is referred to as an endocrine organ .
The adipose tissue secretes a number of products such as: metabolites, cytokines, lipids,
coagulation and various other products. Due to this, obesity will increase the amount of fatty
acids circulating around the body. This can lead to insulin resistance that can then lead to
Type 2 diabetes. Other risk factors of obesity include: coronary heart disease, breast cancer,
bowel cancer, stroke and psychological problems, such as depression and low self-esteem

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is described as the healthiest oil on earth. The difference between normal
coconut oil and basic coconut oil lies in the source, method of extraction, and its benefits.
The key difference between normal coconut oil and virgin coconut oil lies in its method of

Ordinary coconut oil is extracted using heat to extract oil from the dried coconut kernels. In
the case of virgin coconut oil, the raw materials and the process of extraction does not allow
involvement of heat. Therefore the production is much more complicated and attention is
paid to ensure that the kernels are not subjected to heat or sunlight .

Virgin coconut oil is a suitable product for active individuals and those looking to lose weight.
The Medium Chained Triglycerides (MTCs) in the contained in coconut oil differ from long
chain fatty acids found in other oils. The difference lies in the fact that they are relatively
soluble in water and can be rapidly absorbed by the body. The MCTs will be transported via
blood to the hepatic portal system and bypass the fat storage cells. Therefore, instead of
being deposited into those cells, they are metabolized by a process called beta-oxidation (fat
burning) and will be utilized for energy.

Benefits of Black Seeds
The history of the black seed, also know as black cumin, can be traced back to over 3,000
years and has been used during that era as an herbal remedy and a food condiment. The
earliest reference to the black seed can be found in the Old Testament where it has been
used as a spice for bread and cakes. The seed comes from a plant know as the nigella
sativa and is most commonly found in Asia.

Black cumin seeds contain a plant fat known as phytosterol that resemble cholesterol from
animal fats. When consumed, the phytosterols will limit the amount of cholesterol absorbed
by the body. Black cumin can also help balance blood sugar levels by increasing the
sensitivity of the cell to both insulin and glucose. Thus, black cumin can assist weight loss by
improving glucose levels and glucose absorption . Black cumin also contains conjugated
linoleic acid (CLA) , which assists in boosting metabolism. A deficiency of CLA can also lead
to the body storing more fat.

Why Use Baraka Slimexol?
Slimexol by Baraka is the perfect product for those looking to lose weight naturally.
Combining virgin coconut oil and black seed oil, Slimexol will assist with weight loss faster
than other products in the market, without harmful side effects. Black cumin is an extremely
effective weight loss supplement as it combines phytosterols with CLA in one natural food
source. Therefore, combining virgin coconut oil with black seed oil creates a fat combating,
all-natural product.

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Shed Those Nasty Pounds With Slimexol

Shed Those Nasty Pounds With Slimexol Regular exercise combined with a healthy diet is the ideal way to shed those pesky pounds, but that ...