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Relieve Gastric Pain with Gastricare

Relieve Gastric Pain with Gastricare
Gastricare by Baraka is an all-natural supplement to cure or relieve gastric pains. Created
with black seed, valmi and ash plantain, Gastricare is the best product for those who are
suffering from gastritis and are looking for a natural solution.

What Is Gastritis?
Gastritis occurs when the protective lining of the stomach gets inflamed. There are three
types of gastritis: acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, and erosive gastritis. Acute gastritis occurs
when the stomach incurs a sudden, severe inflammation and chronic gastritis occurs when
the inflammation remains for a long period of time when acute gastric is left untreated.
Erosive gastritis does not have much inflammation, but it can cause bleeding and ulcers in
the lining of the stomach.

Gastritis is caused when weakness in the stomach lining allows digestive juices to damage
and inflame it. Gastritis can also be caused by a gastrointestinal bacterial infection . The most
common bacterial infection is caused by a bacterium known as Helicobacter pylori . The
bacterium can be passed from person to person or be transmitted through contaminated
food or water.

The most common symptoms of gastritis are nausea, vomiting, feeling too full after eating,
and indigestion. Erosive gastritis has additional symptoms such as: black, tarry stool or
vomiting blood.

How Black Seed Can Help With Gastritis
The history of the black seed, also known as black cumin, can be traced back to over 3,000
years ago and has been used during that era as a herbal remedy and a food condiment. The
earliest reference of the Black seed can be found in the Old Testament where it has been
used as a spice for bread and cakes. The seed comes from a plant known as Nigella sativa
and is most commonly found in Asia.

The Helicobacter pylori bacteria throughout time have become resistant to most antibiotics.
Other diseases such as peptic ulcer disease and gastric cancer are also caused by
Helicobacter pylori. Black seed is known to possess anti-helicobacter properties . Studies
conducted on the effect of black seed on Helicobacter pylori found that the herb possessed
clinically useful anti-H. pylori properties, compared to the use of all the other drugs that were

How Valmi Can Help With Gastritis
Valmi or Licorice root is a commonly used herb in native South European and Asian
Ayurvedic culture. Valmi has been used historically to treat a variety of ailments some of
which are: sore throats, stomach ulcers, bronchitis, colic, and certain viral infections. Valmi
root contains a lot of flavonoids and essential nutrients and minerals such as vitamin B1,
vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin E, calcium, choline, phosphorus, iron, potassium,
selenium, magnesium, zinc, silicon. Valmi root also contains essential phytonutrients such
as beta-carotene, glabridin, isoliquiritigenin, glycyrrhizin, thymol, phenol, quercetin,
glycyrrhizic and ferulic acid.

Valmi has been recognised as an effective remedy for inflammation of mucous membrane
and for its ability to relieve gastritis and ulcers. Valmi root possesses demulcent, anti-ulcer,
anti-toxic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergenic properties . The glycyrrhizic acid contained in
the valmi root and its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents accelerate the healing of
gastric ulcers.

How Ash Plantain Can Help With Gastritis

Ash plantains are a type of plantain that is local to Sri Lanka and are similar to the cooking
plantain that can be found in the US. Though identical to the banana, plantains are always
cooked before they are eaten. The fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals and are a contributor
to good health. Ash plantains have many nutritional benefits such as: high fiber content,
vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, folate and vitamin K.
Studies on the effect of ash plantains on gastritis showed signs that the fruit may help fight
off stomach pain and inflammation related to ulcers. Furthermore, the plantains caused the
stomach lining to grow and thicken preventing new ulcers from forming.

Why Take Gastricare For Gastritis
Gastritis is a common condition, however, if left untreated it may lead to serious
consequences, such as stomach ulcers, stomach bleeding and increased risk of stomach
cancer. Gastricare from Baraka is created with black seed, valmi and ash plantain to cure or
relieve gastric pains naturally.

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