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Never Forget With Baraka Memo+

Never Forget With Baraka Memo+
Concentration- and memory-related issues are a lesser-known, yet common occurrence
amongst people, especially in children. Baraka Memo+ is crafted with lunuwila and black
seed oil to target areas of memory span and concentration, and to control stress-induced
anxiety. Memo+ is a natural solution to all memory-related issues.

What Entails Memory-Related Issues?

Forgetting things from time to time is normal and can occur amongst healthy individuals. It is
normal to become more forgetful as you age. However, the issue that comes into play is
when the forgetfulness becomes too much and when differentiating between the severity
between symptoms.

Not all memory-related issues are risky and some are quite common, occurring often in our
day-to-day lives. Such memory-related issues include transience, absent mindedness,
blocking, misattribution, suggestibility, bias, and persistence. Unlike the first six memory
related issues that are common in all individuals at any given age, persistence has negative
effects on daily functions, moods, and personality. Persistence occurs when memories of
traumatic events, negative feelings, and ongoing fears accurately reflect negative events or
negative distortions of reality. People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or
depression are particularly more vulnerable to persistence.

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) refers to a state between the expected cognitive decline of
normal aging and the more-serious decline of dementia. MCI involves problems with
memory, language, thinking and judgment higher that it would during aging. There are two
conditions of MCI: Amnestic MCI and Nonamnestic MCI. Amnestic MCI refers to forgetting
information that should be recalled easily. Nonamnestic MCI refers to forgetting the time or
steps needed to complete a task, loss in visual perception, and loss of ability to make sound

In the long-term, MCI can lead to a more dangerous condition known as Alzheimer's or
another kind of dementia. Alzheimer's refers to a brain disease that causes a slow decline of
memory, thinking and reasoning skills. Those affected by Alzheimer's have a protein build up
in the brain that forms structures known as 'plaques' and 'tangles' . The build up results in a
loss of connections between nerve cells that then lead to the death of nerve cells and loss of
brain tissue. People with Alzheimer's have a shortage of important chemicals in their brain
and these chemicals act as messengers that help transmit signals around the brain. A
shortage of such chemicals will disrupt the effectively of messages transmitted around the

How Lunuwila Can Help With Memory-Related Issues
Lunuwila, or Bacopa monnieri , is an ayurvedic plant that can be found in Sri Lanka and
India. Lunuwila is used as a traditional medicine to promote mental health and rejuvenates
the ageing brain. Lunuwila is also known to improve cognition and mental acuity, while
sharpening intellect and enhancing consciousness. Due to these functions, the lunuwila
plant is used to treat and cure diseases and conditions that affect memory and brain

Lunuwila can help memory-related issues by: reducing stress, boosting cognitive agility and
acting as a form of therapy for Alzheimer’s patients. Stress may have an effect on memory
and memory related functions. Lunuwila assists in reducing stress as it reduces the levels of
cortisol, the stress hormone. Lunuwila may also boost cognitive agility by reducing cognitive
issues, short attention span, foggy memory, and blurred focus. To-date, there is no cure for
Alzheimer’s disease, not even lunuwila. However, as lunuwila is used as a therapy to
promote neurological functions, it may assist in prolonging the disease.

How Black Seed Can Help With Memory-related Issues
The history of the black seed, also known as black cumin, can be traced back to over 3000
years and has been used during that era as an herbal remedy and a food condiment. The
earliest reference to the black seed can be found in the Old Testament where it has been
used as a spice for bread and cakes. The seed comes from a plant known as Nigella sativa
and is most commonly found in Asia.

Studies conducted on the effect of black seed oil prove that consumption of the seed or oil
extracted from the seed enhances memory, cognition and attention. Black seed oil also
increases sharpness and improvements in retaining long term and short term memory.
Why Use Memo+ To Improve Concentration And Treat Memory-related Issues
Memory-related issues and trouble concentrating can affect our day-to-day lives. Though
certain problems such as Alzheimer’s cannot be cured, it is possible to control and prolong
such diseases. Memo+ from Baraka combines lunuwila and black seed oil to provide
vitamins and minerals to further helps to naturally improve concentration, learning and

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